Traffic sources in the real estate market

Today we will explain in as much detail as possible all the elements that are required to move from the strategic approach to practical execution.

We will talk about web traffic in the real estate market, how all this works and what are the factors that we should have as main indicators that we are on the right track in our strategy of increasing traffic to our website or our landing.

What is web traffic in the real estate market?

Well, the sincerest definition that I can give you is that it is the gasoline of the business, it gives visibility to everything we sell, it is what puts the client in contact with our business, however, in real estate traffic there are certain tricks and some practices that we must execute if we want to achieve the appropriate results.

One of those tricks is to make good use of the links that we can place strategically where we need to, on the landing or anywhere in the funnel. This is known as a link building and use strategy.

A neural factor that we must bear in mind is that we are not looking for quantity, but quality. It is better to have quality traffic, not abundant, that lands on a well-optimized page to use in the conversion of the sale, than to have many unqualified prospects.

How to generate more traffic in the real estate market?

To give more structure to the concept, I want to explain to you that we can have three types of traffic sources: organic, paid and our own.

These three types allow us to classify the sources that we can generate.

Organic traffic

This occurs spontaneously and is the one over which we have the least control, in the sense of the profile and the traffic we generate to the web, but it is relevant in the process and it is important to take it into account.

Not having control of users implies that customers will arrive that we will have to filter afterwards, since they come to us without any investment, so we have to find the best way to take advantage of them.

Now, not everything here is anarchy. So, what do we control in this form of traffic? We can have control over the way we publish the property, the title, the optimization.

Organic traffic sources

To generate more qualified organic traffic, we can use real estate portals that have a captive audience.

You can also use SEO as a powerful organic traffic generation tool. If you want to go deeper into this topic, take a look at our real estate SEO.

Another source of organic traffic is the windows or messages of FOR SALE, which we traditionally place in visible places. We can make use of technology and include an easily scannable QR code or a web address for interested parties to reach the website.

Organic traffic, although it does not involve investment of money, does require time, in the development of copies written properly and preferably written considering SEO strategies.

Paid traffic

Social networks are very powerful providers of traffic, and they use hyper segmentation to execute a content interaction strategy; they also provide more measurable results, greater traceability and pay for specific results; Unlike traditional print advertising, where there is no way to measure results from the media strategy.

On the internet, people group based on specific interests and interact with measurable content, since there is a very high measurement of user interaction behaviour.

Despite the fact that the subject of ad segmentation and the use of consumer information has become increasingly strict, social networks continue to be a very interesting channel to reach audiences with interests related to our business.

In these platforms you control more the profile of the user you want to reach, because you are paying for it. Paid traffic responds faster than free traffic because you’re showing up in prime locations and reaching specific customers directly.

However, I remind you that the ideal is to make a combination of free traffic with payment strategies to achieve optimal results.

Own traffic

Own traffic is the one that you have worked with over the years, that is, it is your list of contacts, that you have been working with over time, prospects, friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc.

Something important that we should practice is to save cell phone numbers and emails, but in a system that we can take advantage of later, since many times we underuse resources due to ignorance, not knowing the available tools or not knowing how to use them.

This is an unforgivable mistake, especially considering that own traffic is the most effective way of all to reach customers with buying potential.

The three most common mistakes made by real estate agents.

We are going to advance a little more and I am going to convey to you what are the mistakes that are repeated in the practice of practicing this profession of real estate agent, so that you write them down and do not allow yourself to commit them from now on.

Relying on only one or two traffic sources

There are those who only publish on portals and sit down to wait for the customer’s call, but this can cause inconvenience, since you depend on the portal’s policies.

There are those who post information on Facebook, whether it be content on their wall or that of others. There are those who only post on Instagram, but they don’t have a contact list, they don’t have a blog, they don’t have funnels, they don’t have a website, etc.

Not measuring the traffic results they have.

That is, they do not have traceability to see where their traffic is coming from, how it is arriving, how to better segment the information and the budget you are allocating, in addition to the effort made in buying traffic.

Forget what is important.

The objective when obtaining paid and organic traffic should be to convert them to own traffic, that is, to increase the contact list.

How to implement a traffic acquisition strategy today?

We have seven points for you that you must put into practice to obtain a successful traffic attracting strategy and they are the following:

  • Organize your own traffic.
  • Optimize links to use organically.
  • Have a real estate blog optimized with content SEO and then a Technical SEO.
  • Organize a content plan for social networks.
  • Make a budget for traffic purchase.
  • Use real estate sales funnels.
  • Measure all the results.

How to get clients for your real estate?

As a real estate owner, you know how difficult it is to attract clients interested in your properties that produce the necessary sales to pay for office expenses, payroll, lifestyle, etc., something that does not let you rest easy when you are away from work with your family and friends, because you are always concerned about your business.

The problem nowadays is that it doesn’t matter how well located your office is in your city, if potential clients simply look the other way (such as their mobile phone), so it is difficult to get their attention due to a lot of physical propaganda that we have in our establishment.

On the other hand, you may be investing part of your profits in traditional advertising (radio, billboards), but can you somehow know how many of the customers interested in your properties come from such advertising? What is the return on that investment?  It is impossible to know.

Having a website on the Internet is not enough.

You may be thinking: “No, but I do have a website where I offer my properties and I have the social networks of my business open”. Ok, but what is the use of having an Internet presence if nobody visits your website or your social networks? 

It is an investment of time and money that does not offer you a positive return and appearing on the first page in Google through SEO is not something easy or fast, so it requires a good strategy in the same way.

I know how you feel!  And you are not alone. The big difference between the most successful real estate agencies that other realtors do not have is that they know how to find their client, or rather, to be found, and they do not let him escape.

Therefore, if you want to be part of that small percentage of real estate companies like noor orchard housing society that attract interested buyers, on a recurring and predictable basis , and in this way get your business off the ground, you need a  proven and effective customer acquisition system.

In this way you will be able to have a system that generates results so that your agency appears in front of those who want to buy a property, that generates clients interested in your properties and that eliminates the uncertainty of not knowing if a client will arrive at your door today or not.

What type of real estate agency do you want to be?

This is the first question you should ask yourself and there are two options:

  • The one who makes a sale once in a while, but most of the time is trying to figure out how to attract more customers.
  • That real estate agencies like Tajarat properties that receives clients on a recurring basis every day, that has a proven client acquisition system attracting more clients and therefore closing more sales and they do not waste time figuring out how to do it.

Most of the real estate agencies are obsessed with appearing in the crowded real estate portals, press, radio, events, but they totally neglect the system that really works through digital marketing.

Because if you are not able to find your client or that your client finds you when they are interested in buying, there is no use investing in advertising and you will not have much success.

How do I know if I should change my business strategy?

To verify that something is not working as it should, ask yourself:  What have you done to promote your properties in the last 7 days? How many potential clients have contacted you in that period of time?

If your answer is nothing and none, you have a problem.

So, if you are tired of this situation, you should apply a strategy that allows you to identify your target audience, capture their attention, interact and request more information about your property.

You may have already realized the great importance of having a good customer acquisition strategy and the secret of current real estate agencies to achieve recurring sales, so at this point you have 2 options:

  • Trying to learn this system on your own and trying to implement it, which will take a large part of your time and an investment of money to learn how to use them and perform a large number of tests until it is optimal.
  • Hire the services of a digital marketing professional for real estate who knows the system, knows how to implement it and allows you to achieve the maximum results in the shortest possible time and with maximum profitability.

Both options are totally valid, but if you do not have enough time to learn it or the money to carry out numerous tests until you find what works, it is best to hire the services of a marketing agency specialized in the sector you are in to guarantee yourself the highest return on your investment in the shortest time possible.

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